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The Naracoorte Art Gallery is full of colorful and thought-provoking artwork, with two different, but equally stunning exhibits open over the weekend.

The Homo Faber exhibition is a collection of sculptures made by the Union Street Sculptors Collective.

It opened Friday evening to a large crowd who admired the powerful pieces, many of which depict messages of consumerism and environmentalism.

One of the most revealing pieces is a collaborative work, Madness Trolley, which represents 150 small shopping bags falling from a cart.

“It confronts the idea that we are a society of buyers,” said artist Renate Nisi.

“We seek satisfaction and comfort when we acquire goods that we often do not need.

“As a result, with increasing frequency, people are expressing their frustration with what clutters their lives.

“The manufacturing, packaging and disposal of these products contribute to environmental degradation.

“Shopping bags are a tangible symbol of excessive consumption and through some 150 miniature plaster replicas we draw attention to the whole dilemma – and add to it, of course.”

Through Our Eyes is a bright and colorful collection, made by The Tree of Us + 1.

Opening on Saturday afternoon, the exhibition features textile art by the four artists – Suzanne Gummow, Jenny Bates, Maxine Fry and Kerrie Head.

The centerpiece of the exhibition is an eight-panel collaborative piece that depicts a colorful and joyful urban scene, with each artist making two panels each while maintaining a cohesive theme.

There’s so much to see in the detailed pieces that the artists have compiled a list of things to watch out for in the panels, which is available at the counter.

If the pieces inspire you, you too can learn some of the skills needed for textile art, with Ms. Gummow hosting two workshops – 3D flowers and wacky houses – on March 12 and 13.

Both exhibitions will last until March 27.

Contact the gallery for more information on 8762 3390.


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