Warhammer: figurine of the month unveiled – Rotmire Creed Fighter


By visiting your local Warhammer store in August, you can get a brand new Rotmire Creed Fighter. Discover the thumbnail of the month!

August is fast approaching and that means a new miniature of the month will be available at your local Warhammer store. However, this month presents a big change. As a rule, miniatures come from existing kits. But not in August! Games Workshop changed the figure from an existing kit to a Biggest Release figure of the month.

via the Warhammer community

“That’s right – instead of a model from an existing kit, people who visit their local store at the start of each month* will earn themselves a nice model from the biggest release of the month. Just step into your nearest Warhammer and ask the staff how to claim yours!

*On very rare occasions, the thumbnail of the month may be an existing model.

Hey, that’s pretty cool! The big release this month is the Warcry: Heart of Ghur box and that means they’re giving away a Rotmire Creed Fighter!

As usual I am these will be available while supplies last.

“As always, this promotion is running while supplies last – check with your local store manager for full details.”

We also assume that your thumbnail may differ from the one pictured above. That said, I am supposing that this particular typical caveat was not mentioned in their message. Either way, if you want to give the Rotmire Creed a shot, head to your local Warhammer store in August – the sooner the better.

Catch a member of the Rotmire Creed and experience the new Warcry: Heart of Ghur combat box!

The terrain of this kit is killer!

Do you have a favorite Rotmire Creed figure you’re hoping to nab this August at Games Workshop?


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